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Enjoy the Benefits of Working With Our HVAC Service Providers

AC units sustain wear and tear through use. Due to this, it needs an HVAC service to stay at their best. First, regular inspections ensure that potential issues are addressed before it turns into something more serious. Then, regular maintenance ensures that AC units can continue providing their best performance for a longer period. but, while there are those with the equipment, experience, and expertise needed to handle repairs and other related issues, most homeowners in Owasso, OK prefer to call in 1st Choice HVACR LLC.

Experience & tools

Our HVAC technicians will be armed with tools that are needed for getting the work done. We’re also going to have experience with a wide range of HVAC systems. We have extensive training which allows us to do the work quickly, normally in just a few hours or less. We do our job correctly because we know what we need. We’re also trained for dealing with any types of problems that come up during the repairs.


When you use our technicians in Owasso, OK, you’ll save money. We don’t recommend replacing your unit if it only requires a belt or switch. We’ll also give you a warranty on the work that’s done, so you can feel confident that if problems pop up, you can call us back and not be charged. We also know the way to find minor problems, including frayed belts or warped fans, before that little problem becomes an expensive one.

Regular maintenance

Our experienced HVAC service providers have the skills needed for replacing, cleaning, and inspecting worn items, so that your unit keeps running properly. Our expertise can be used when maintaining your units so that the unit’s life is prolonged. Having repairs done by our technicians will keep your unit running longer than if you DIY.

If you need the assistance of our HVAC service technicians, call 1st Choice HVACR LLC at (918) 855-8596 today.